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Michael Inscoe: Don't Die Alone Paperback Book


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“In Don’t Die Alone, Michael Inscoe leaves pretension at the door and attacks with only the best qualities of underground writing. He arms himself with a powerful one-two combination of humor and despair that will leave any fan of indie lit knocked out cold. Readers will have trouble finding another collection that is this much fun.”

—DJ Berndt, Pangur Ban Party

"Michael Inscoe's writing sometimes makes me laugh and sometimes makes me feel less lonely. It seems like Michael Inscoe was grown by an experimental farmer who wanted to invent a strain of sincere yet sarcastic, insecure yet confident, frequently bored and depressed for no reason, bio-luminescent, upside down cross-shaped carrots or something."

—Megan Boyle, author of selected unpublished blog posts of a mexican panda express employee