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David Markey & Heavy Friends: Volume Infinite CD


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David Markey has sustained a truly independent career in the shadow of Hollywood and against the backdrop of corporate America for three decades. As a filmmaker, photographer and musician, Markey brings together underground music, experimental cinema and contemporary culture in a direct and insightful way. His body of work is also historically significant, representing a unique record of the punk scene in Southern California throughout the 1980's. His films include the acclaimed Sonic Youth / Nirvana documentary 1991: The Year Punk Broke (1992) the Super-8 cult classics The Slog Movie (1982), Desperate Teenage Lovedolls (1984), the sequel Lovedolls Superstar (1986), Citizen Tania (1989 co- directed with Raymond Pettibon), the presently commercially unavailable Reality 86'd (1991) and Shonen Knife Blast Off! (1997). His feature length international film festival documentary favorite The Reinactors (2008) has played the world over. He directed Dinosaur Jr.'s Bug Live DVD / Blu-ray In The Hands Of The Fans (2012). His most recent release is a feature length documentary on the legendary Los Angeles band Circle Jerks entitled My Career As A Jerk (2012).. Markey is a published author and photographer with a new book entitled We Got Power! You can see footage David Markey shot in the documentary films; American Hardcore (2006), Beautiful Losers (2008), Everyday Sunshine (2010), The Other F Word (2011), and I'm Now (2012). Dave has also appeared in the documentary films We Jam Econo (The Story Of The Minutemen) (2005) & American Hardcore (2006). His indefatigable DIY aesthetic continues to drive him, as well as inspire a new generation of filmmakers, musicians and artists.

"This is for the most part, a chronological collection of bands I've been involved with over the years, both long term and one off's. Some of the tracks appeared originally on 7" EPs, 12" EPs, and LPs. Some stuff was put together for various compilations. Others were improvisations and jams that were recorded on cassette tape decks, Sony walkmans, and one on a an actual 8 track stereo unit. I play the drums on most tracks except for a few. I also get to the bass, the guitar, and the Casio in this collection. There were a number of talented people who helped make these recordings possible like Phil Newman, Dave Peterson, Mike Watt, & Mario C.
There's also a number of studios utilized in the recording of these tracks such as Spinhead, Tarantula Ranch, Vicki Peterson's Home studio and G Son. There's a lot of friends of mine on here. All are heavy."
-David Markey

01. Restrictions - Sin 34
02.`Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out -Sin 34
03. Crossed Fingers - Painted Willie
04. Chia Pet - Painted Willie
05. Third World Vacation - Anarchy 6
06. Suburban Jail - Anarchy 6
07. Volume Infinite - Tusk
08. 118 Miramar - David Markey
09. Sir Drone Theme - Repulsion
10. Mr Wagstaff - Super Session
11. Garden Party - Super Session (w/ Raymond Pettibon)
12. Clunk - Pipe
13. I'm On The Lamb (But I Ain't No Sheep) - Chop
14. She's As Beautiful As A Foot - Chop - Cover
15. Give Us A Gimmick - People of the Dice
16. Skins, Brains, & Guts - Society’s Ill’s
17. We're Gonna Fight - Society’s Ill’s
18. Dear Flipside - Thurston and the Tube Tops
19. Now I Hear The Laughter - Puzzled Panthers
20. Raymond's Casket - Carnage Asada
21. Strange - Dezo, Billy, & Davey Cover