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Herding Kittens: Herding Kittens CD


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Herding Kittens is a psychedelic improv rock band, (no overdubs), from Little Rock featuring Jerry Colburn-guitar and vocals, Nathan Houser-bass, keyboards and vocals, Andrew Rice-drums. Tracks 1-12 also feature Daniel Olah on percussion. Tracks 1-12 recorded at Wolfman Studios in Little Rock in February, 2013. Tracks 13-28 recorded at Jerry Colburn's house between June-December, 2012. Cover drawing-Tommy Tanner, Back cover photo-Julie Holder, Layout-Bryan Frazier.

Track Listing:

I'm Feelin' Breathy, I'm Feelin' Odd 4:40
Chicken Wings 3:56
Herding Kittens Theme 4:17
Poison Dicks 1:23
Radiation Masterbation 3:54
Pen Dog 1:44
Duck Sauce 0:40
Scrunge Bus 0:36
Moldy Moog 3:43
Ode to the True Romantic 1:03
The Last Word 2:36
Tortoise Henry 2:57
Mustification 0:38
She's a Real Keeper! 1:07
Masterbation Radiation 2:28
Pony Tit 3:15
Prog Spring 2:09
The Great Fuck Riot 1:08
The Humour 1:38
The Real Deal 1:44
Tantric Shitthaus 2:17
A Romp in the Woods 1:11
Ants in Morning 1:25
I Don't Know 0:34
I'm Feelin' Breathy (inst.) 3:31
Hobo Dilly Does the Do 2:54
Peaches in Refailya 3:36
Stucco Sarkofagus 1:49