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The Bloodless Cooties: XX CD


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Track Listing:

7 And 7 Is
A Girl Named Sandoz
Cry Like A Baby
Saturday Night Fish Fry
Flying Saucer Rock And Roll
Green Door
I Wish I Could Meet Elvis
Leave Me Alone
The Way I Feel
Little Boy Sad
Love Charms
Love Wheel
Messed Up
Palisades Park

The Cooties have been a band for 20 Years!! We feel So honored to be apart of this very special release. This is the First and Only Release by this Legendary Arkansas Punk Rock Band! They will be playing a Festival Hosted each year by Half Japanese! They were chosen to play by Jad & David Fair after doing a Two Day Weekend Party With Half Japanese in 2012. Front cover of "XX" was done by Raymond Pettibon (Black Flag / Sonic Youth Cover Artist) To just name a few.

In the 1960's, as the popularity of rock and roll music grew, teenagers all over the United States formed bands and tried to work up versions of their favorite songs to play haphazardly at parties, dances, and hopefully, night clubs. The Bloodless Cooties are inspired by these bands of the past. Formed in 1993 in North Little Rock, Arkansas by Jeremy Colburn (guitar, bass, vocals), Jerry Colburn (drums), and Louisa Rook (bass, guitar, and vocals), they have attempted to learn and play live hundreds of songs, roughly canvassing the genres of rock and roll, rhythm and blues, and country and western. In 2013, Thick Syrup Records will release the first ever recordings of the Bloodless Cooties, entitled XX to signify the 20 years of the band.

Detroit Has the Gories and Little Rock has The Cooties - Nathan Howdeshell (Gossip)