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The Jam Messengers: Kick Out CD


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Rob K's rock pedigree is extensive: from his beginning in the Mid -70s on the early DC punk scene with Da Chumps through his glory years in NYC as frontman for the legendary and highly influential Workdogs, he has brought The Word — hit records for In The Red and Sympathy For The Record Industry, not to mention a five year residency at Gotham's hippest dive, MaxFish. The Workdogs, famous “rhythm section for hire” were employed by Half Japanese, The Velvet Monkeys, Maureen Tucker and Purple Jesus. Rob K recorded with all these bands as well as The Gibson Brothers, Jon Spencer, Popa Chubby, Marcellus Hall and too many others to mention.

Marco "Uncle" Butcher is a mainstay of the Sao Paulo music scene - literally growing up in that city's low down funky rock clubs like a favella Little Walter. He is best known for The Butchers' Orchestra who brought kick ass Brazilian rocknroll onto the International stage with their incendiary shows, extensive touring and hot recording for the Voodoo Rhythm label. He's a talented slide guitarist, songwriter and versatile one-man band.

How these two dynamic forces recorded their first LP over a 10,00 mile and 6 time zone distance before they had even met, how they discovered their love of performing together on multiple European, US and Brazilian tours over the last several years, the mission that they have made of returning spontaneity and excitement to live performance as well as the crazy tales behind the recording of their earlier LPs are all stories that have been told elsewhere. For now our concern is KICK OUT. This "brilliant, sexy, witty and smart" (to quote Mr. Kennedy himself) disc should garner the Jam Messengers the accolades and attention they have merited all their careers. The Thick Syrup CD is the first US release for the duo (altho they can boast of 3 earlier LPs on Scottish, Portuguese and Brazilian labels). The songs are all Kennedy originals, some of his finest ever, propelled by the explosive punky Delta slide of Mr Butcher. Kick Out is voodoo gumbo of the tastiest.

Track Listing:

Gallow's Dance
Wake Up In Make Up
A Low Down Dirty Shame
Barb Wire Heart
Ambition Cemetery
King Of Men
Bad Penny
Do Diddley Is Dead
Love Hate Boogie
Tube Top
Tower Of Babble