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Venture Lift: Tower Of Spacious Karma CD


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The Tower of Spacious Karma is Venture Lift's second full length release, 14 tracks of sonic bliss that includes remixes by Sterling Roswell (Darkside, Spacemen 3) and original artwork by James Marsh. The CD also features a trance track collaboration with engineer Aaron Dawson (Off the International Radar, Dirty Inputs) and Ingird Sertso of The Creative Music Studio entitled "It's Not Safe."
Both the Venture Lift debut and the follow-up were recorded in Woodstock with the engineering help of Ted Orr at Sertso Studio. Venture Lift continues to perform and release music with a stable of different rotating musicians taking the main positions during live performances. Studio recordings remain the focus of the group with the creative input of friends Ash Umhey and Ben Vita. The Venture Lift (Project) started in 2003 as a recording outlet for Stanton Warren who grew up in western NY. He is an original member of the Canadian underground band Inner Sound Accelerator (ISA) who began performing in 1996 in St. Catharine's, Ontario at clubs such as Gord's Place, The Mind Bomb and also the El Mocambo in Toronto.

"Gently head-nodding psychedelia is the unifying conceit on Venture Lift’s second album, but the focus is squarely on diversity."
-Mike Wolf (Chronogram)

Track Listing:

Bukowski On The Brain
Do You Hear It?
Dusted City Seducer
First Time
Gog Magog Hills
Golden Dawn (Remix)
Under Hemlocks
It's Not Safe
Tower Of Spacious Karma
Pirate Radio
The Ones Before You
Golden Vibes (Remix)