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Weird Paul: 25 LO-FI Years CD


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I started making recordings in 1984 when I was 13. I would write parodies of songs and record them by playing the original song on one tape recorder, then using a second recorder to capture me singing over it. In early 1986, my dad showed me a secret. He gave me a roll of 8 mm film (that had a movie on it) and cut a small piece off. He taped it over the bottom left side of the cassette tape where the record head would rest. In this primitive manner, I could record a "track" and then re-record over the same spot with another "track". You can hear this on songs like "Can't Win 'Em All" (the guitar solo). By 1987, I was using a couple external microphones. For drums, it was mostly pots and pans. In 1988, I got a Realistic stereo mixer and another tape deck. Now I could feed a tape from one deck through the mixer onto another deck while adding another track. In this manner, I could add as many tracks as I wanted (7 or more sometimes, but then the sound would start getting pretty bad). The drawback was there was no way to mix anything once it was recorded. In 1989, I got a child's drum kit for $40 and a bass guitar. The big change came in 1990 when my dad helped me purchase a 4-track recorder. I used it until 2004 when it broke (the second time) and I couldn't find a way to get it serviced. That's when I got a computer and I've used Garageband to record ever since.

- Weird Paul, 2012

Track Listing:

(I Stole a) Bunsen Burner
Bowl Cut
My Father's Toe
I'm A Guitar (Demo Version)
Can't Win 'Em All
My Head's On Fire
Dreaded Glaucoma Test
Donkey Kong Blues
You Can Own Your Own Home Without Even Breaking My Heart
Sucking Chest Wound
Toilet Paper Blues
Listening To Your Heart
Tom Ate A Banana
Attack Of The 50-Ft Woman
Piece Of Meat In The Tang
I Was A Teenage Idealist
Cold Drinks
Tired Of Life
My Cat Eats Moths
I Feel Like I'm Gonna Cry, But I Feel Kinda Happy
Please Don't Break My Atari
I Make The Rules Here
Change My Clothes And Brush My Teeth
Human Eye (2006)
Wine Coolers
Look Before You Leap
Pay For Your Tacos Quickly And Securely
Pot Of Macaroni
I Dropped My Almond Joy Bar
Garage Band
I Got Drunk At Chuck E. Cheese
We Love To Use The Telephone
Backyard GPS (With Jad Fair)
You Smell (Like A Stale B Vitamin) (With Jad Fair)
Throwing Balls At A Chicken On A Chair (With David and Harper Fair)
Everybody Wants Snacks Tonight (With David Fair)